The Sprout Workshop

What is it about: Leading brands in the global market are those which constantly innovate their products and services, their communication and marketing strategies. This is true for cultural brands as well. To ensure their success, they need to anticipate the future changes and the evolution of cultural, social, technological and symbolic aspect. The workshop will apply a design-driven innovation methodology – the SPROUT – to the cultural field, combining theoretical and practical instruction to develop the team’s vision and ability to imagine possible future scenarios for museums. An overview of current socio-cultural trends and project examples from the world of augmented reality, game design, transmedia storytelling and other innovative media practice will introduce students to all factors that are changing how museums conceive their spaces, services, products and relationship with audience. The SPROUT Methodology will be integrated to a design ideation process, that will enable students to produce developed ideas and concepts for a product-service-system for the museum of the future.

When: 5-9 June 2017

Where: Rifugio Lagazuoi, Cortina (Belluno, Italy)

TeachersMaurizio Serena (Director of the MSc in Fashion Marketing, Design and Brand Strategies at INSEEC, Paris), Laureano Mon (Professor in Social Trends and Cultural Studies at the Escola de Design Unisinos in Porto Alegre, Brazil), Julian Stadon (Subject Leader in Innovative Media Practice at University of the Arts London and Senior Lecturer at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences), Victoria Szabo (Associate Research Professor of Art, Art History & Visual Studies at Duke University, NC)


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Application deadline: 15th April 2017

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